Mukrian region

From the collection of Della Murad.

Worn in 1940s (some pieces are older). In the 40s it was fashionable to have large hips, so several baggy trousers (darpe) would be worn in order to achieve this. The dress is made from a thick embroidered silk. (It could also be made from georgette, cotton, crepe or velvet or any other thick and non-transparent fabric).

The pleated skirt is made from 3 metres of fabric. The belt is made from a fabric called pashmina and is approximately 4 meters long. The little jacket (Salta) is made from a thick cotton and is embroidered with coloured sequins. The shawl (dassmal) is a triangle shape and made of a fine net fabric. The edges are embroidered with coloured sequins. It is attached in the middle at the back to a hat (Kalaw). The hat is flat with deep sides and is secured to the head by a chin strap (Jear-Janna) made of gold chain or coins. The chin strap matches the necklace and the coins attached to the front of the hat. All jewellery was made from either gold or silver. The bracelets (Bazani kurdi) are worn by all women in Kurdistan and can be either silver or gold.