Badinan region

From the collection of Della Murad.

This costume was donated by Dr. Khdija Tahir.

Baggy trousers (Darpe) are worn under the dress (Krass). The trousers are made from any thick fabric, printed or plain. A thin slip (Jear-krass) made of cotton is worn over the baggy trousers. It is usually black or white.

The dress shown here (krass) is made from a thick blue net. (It could also be made from georgette, cotton, crepe or velvet). The triangular shaped sleeves are larger than worn in other parts of Kurdistan. It is pleated at the waist. The long coat (Kawa) is pleated from the back to the sides. The coat is pulled together and buttoned to create a small waist. The sleeves of the krass are attached to the shoulders of the coat.

The necklace is called Gerden-Lekh and is made of gold with pearl and other precious stones. The belt (Peshtwen) is made of two layers of Ottoman Lira with different designs at the front.