As part of Nour Festival of Arts 2015

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“In darkest times, artists are keeping Kurdish culture alive”

Bayan Rahman, Kurdish Regional Government High Representative in Washington

“Friday night was truly amazing.  It was great fun, culturally beautiful and fascinating, and emotionally moving”

Emma Nicholson, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne

Exhibition review in The Arab Weekly

20th November 2015

Conflict and Hope: Art in Troubled Times

31st October to 7th November 2015

The Ismaili Centre, 1 Cromwell Gardens, London SW7 2SL

Five artists from Kurdistan and the UK – Mariwan Jalal, Jamal Penjweny, Tareq Razzouk, Ali Raza, and Rebwar Saed – present a personal and collective response to the ongoing conflict in Syria and Iraq, and the human repercussions of this turmoil. Complementing the exhibition is a series of work about the refugee camps in Kurdistan. Colouring the Dream is a project developed by Rebwar Saed featuring paintings by children in the Barike Refugee Camp, reflecting the traumatic events in their young lives. British photographer Richard Wilding continues to vividly document Kurdistan with a display of photographs from recent visits to camps in the region.

Curated by Gulan and Amin Pardhan-Abdulla.

About the Artists

Mariwan Jalal: born in Iraqi Kurdistan and now living in London, Mariwan is a mixed-media artist whose work explores the relationship between his subject matter and the environment.

Jamal Penjweny: celebrated Kurdish photographer and filmmaker, who worked as a sculptor and painter, before reverting to photography in reporting on the Iraqi conflict.

Tareq Razzouk: a Syrian artist and architect based in London, his paintings encapsulate the personal tragedy suffered  by many in Syria.

Ali Raza: born in Iraqi Kurdistan and now living in Dublin, Ali Raza uses his art to voice an opinion on human rights.

Rebwar Saed: born in Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Saed’s work is influenced by the political struggle there, his time in exile before his return to Kurdistan.

Richard Wilding: London based photographer and Gulan’s Creative Director, who extensively documents the people and culture of Iraqi Kurdistan.