The Kurdistan Regional Government, UK Representation

Gulan is very grateful to the KRG UK Representation for its help with funding for Gulan’s events, including Runaki 1 when Gulan was an unknown quantity. The KRG’s support is an important endorsement and recognition of Gulan for the work it is doing and the impact it has made.

All Party Parliamentary Group on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq

The purpose of the APPG is to promote friendship and understanding between the people of the Kurdistan Region and the UK. The APPG have kindly agreed to be a sponsor for Gulan. We appreciate the recognition that this gives.

In April 2016 the APPG published a major report on its most recent delegation to the Kurdistan Region. The report featured Richard Wilding’s photographs of Kurdistan on the front and back covers.

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Arts Council

The UK Arts Council supported Gulan’s exhibition ‘Road Through Kurdistan’ in 2019 with an Arts Council National Lottery Project Grant.

Sha Post

Sha Post delivery service has branches in several countries and many cities in Europe, and in Kurdistan and Iraq.

It aims to deliver the best quality service to Iraq and Kurdistan and the reverse service to Europe, to make a connection between the two and ensure that Kurdistan and Iraq are not cut off from one another.

The Kurdistan Memory Programme

The Kurdistan Memory Programme is documenting the Kurdish story for the world. It aims to record Kurdish history in sound and living colour, definitively documenting the unique voices of Kurdistan for future generations.

The British Institute for the Study of Iraq

BISI has kindly made development grants to Gulan to aid in planning its Jews of Kurdistan and Christians of Kurdistan events. BISI and Gulan jointly hosted a lecture by David Michelmore & Dr John MacGinnis titled ‘Erbil: Research, interpretation and conservation of the World’s oldest city’.

Nour Festival of Arts

The Nour Festival of Arts was an annual celebration of the best of contemporary Middle Eastern and North African arts and culture, organised by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Gulan featured prominently in the 2014 and 2015 Nour festivals.

AMAR Foundation

Gulan worked with AMAR in 2014 and 2015 to raise funds for Fr Najeeb Michael’s work with refugees and displaced persons in Erbil and is continuing to cooperate with them in 2016.

St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

St Ethelburga’s gave vital support for Gulan’s launch and hosted Gulan’s first Runaki festival in 2009. St Ethelburga’s continued to allow Gulan to use its space for the Runaki 2 and Runaki 3 festivals, and for the first two events in Gulan’s series celebrating Kurdistan’s minority religions.

The Centre for Kurdish Progress

The Centre for Kurdish Progress is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organisation based in London with a focus on Kurdistan and Kurdish people in general. It has honoured Gulan in its outstanding contribution to Kurdistan awards.

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights supported Gulan trustee Rebwar Saed in his Colouring the Dream project, in which he worked with children in the Barike camp near Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan. The resulting artworks were exhibited by Gulan in the exhibition Conflict and Hope: Art in Troubled Times, as part of the 2015 Nour Festival of Arts.

The Kurdish Project

Based in San Francisco, The Kurdish Project is a collaborative effort to educate people on Kurdish values, culture and history.

Sho-Net Systems

Sho-Net Systems, led by Clyde Williams and Steve Rose have provided critically important “Cloud Computing” support to Gulan.

Nuova Icona

Nuova Icona Association for the patronage of Contemporary Visuals Arts based in Venice has generously helped with the arrangements for the Gulan residencies for young Iraqi artists in Venice during the Art Biennale in 2013 and 2015. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.