Runaki 2

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th April 2010

St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG

Runaki! – A celebration of Kurdish life and culture

The programme included an exhibition of works by contemporary Kurdish artists including: paintings by Isamail Khayat, Rebwar Saeed, Simko and Cemo; photography by Shahrouz Sharifi, Jamal Penjweny and Julie Adnan and ceramics by Ronak.

Saturday 24th April 2010

3:30pm Film: “Hejar (Big Man Little Love)”, director Buyuk Adam Kucuk Ask

5:00pm Discussion arising from the film – reconciliation between Kurds and Turks

7:00pm Concert of Kurdish music featuring Nasiri Razazi, the Zahawi Brothers & Harim Jaff

Sunday 25th April 2010

3:30pm Film: “Return to Kirkuk”, director Karzan Sherabayani

5.00pm Discussion arising from the film – community reconciliation following the ethnic cleansing of Kirkuk and other areas. Panel including the director, Karzan Sherabayani

6.00pm Kurdish dance group performance/ Percussion workshop with Ayra and Nayi by Awat

7.00pm Music event with Kurdish group Lost Melody