Rozhgar Mustafa

One scarf in 43

Forty-two tied scarves and a self-portrait with tied scarf

The work is a metaphor for the depression and stresses that minimize one’s identity. 

“I work with different media including installation, sculpture and photography, video and public live action,” Mustafa said in a statement. “I deal mainly with questions of temporality and transformations, conflict and gender identity, memory, trauma and fear, contradictory thoughts and visions”.

Artist’s biography

Rozhgar Mustafa is a Kurdish artist who lives in Sulaymaniyah, where she graduated from the University of Fine Arts in 2004. She teaches art in secondary school. Mustafa works with different media, including painting, drawing, installation, video, and public live action. She deals mainly with questions of temporality and transformation, gender identity, memory, trauma and fear. In 2009 she was artist-in- residence at the Wyspa Art Institute on a grant from the Gdańsk Exclusive Programme, where she also held a solo exhibition. She studied for a Master‘s in Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London in 2012-2013. Recently, she was shortlisted by ArtRaker Art Foundation as one of 20 best artists who work with conflict and war.