Road through Kurdistan

P21 Gallery, Kings Cross, London
3rd – 26th October 2019

Organised by Gulan
Curated by Richard Wilding and Mariwan Jalal

The exhibition Road through Kurdistan shows artworks and artefacts relating to Kurdish history, culture and identity. It brings together an eclectic group of international artists, both Kurdish and non-Kurdish. The exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of post-WWI peace treaties signed by the imperial powers which created the modern borders between Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. It also reflects the region’s religious and ethnic diversity, genocide under Saddam Hussein’s regime, religious persecution and destruction of heritage by Daesh (ISIS), and future hopes for the Kurdish people.

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Gulan’s 10th Anniversary

Gulan is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a major exhibition and festival of events at the P21 Gallery from 3rd to 26th October 2019.

The exhibition and events will not only celebrate visual and performing arts we have presented over the last decade but will also bring work to London by artists and performers we have not presented previously. It will also provide an opportunity for us to thank all of you who have supported us over the past 10 years.

This will be the biggest event Gulan has ever mounted. We need to raise funds if we are to achieve the ambitious programme we are planning. Please help us with this and to continue with our work in the future by making a donation via Virgin Money Giving – and when you do, please remember to add Gift Aid when filling in your details if you are a UK Tax Payer. Gift Aid will not cost you any extra, but it means that Gulan receives an extra 25p for every £1 you give so it is hugely helpful to us.


Please make a donation to Gulan via our Virgin Money Giving page

Gulan: Promoting Kurdish Culture

Gulan promotes what is best in the culture of the Kurdish people. Its objective is to help sustain the sense of Kurdish identity and to preserve the heritage of Kurdistan for the benefit of people of all cultures and identities. It respects all people, cultures and faiths.

Gulan is a UK registered charity formed in 2008. It has no political or religious agenda, and does not accept funds from sources which wish to advance a particular political or religious aim through their gift.

About Gulan

Information about Gulan’s trustees, team and supporters

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News & Events

Gulan’s exhibitions and activities

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Kurdish Costumes

Photographs of traditional Kurdish costumes and jewellery

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The Culture of Kurdistan

Information about Kurdistan and its culture

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