Fr Nageeb Michaeel

Congratulations to Fr Nageeb Michaeel on his election as Archbishop of Mosul.

Gulan is delighted by this news.

Fr Nageeb spoke at Gulan’s Christians of Kurdistan event in 2013 and gave a talk for us in February last year on saving books and people from the ISIS bonfire.

As Archbishop Warda of Erbil has said he is “passionate of his people and their heritage”


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In addition to organising Kurdish cultural events, Gulan is researching and documenting the traditional textiles, costume and jewellery of the Kurdish people. It provides information about the Kurds and Kurdistan and is building a photographic archive.

Gulan is a UK registered charity formed in 2008. It has no political or religious agenda, and does not accept funds from sources which wish to advance a particular political or religious aim through their gift.

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