Promoting Kurdish Culture

Gulan promotes what is best in the culture of the Kurdish people. Its objective is to help sustain the sense of Kurdish identity and to preserve the heritage of Kurdistan for the benefit of people of all cultures and identities. It respects all people, cultures and faiths.

Gulan is a UK registered charity formed in 2009. It has no political or religious agenda, and does not accept funds from sources which wish to advance a particular political or religious aim through their gift.

Halabja: In the Golden Days

Part of Journeys Festival International

14th Oct – 3rd Nov 2021

Mon to Sat 10am–3pm, Sun 12.45–3pm

Portsmouth Cathedral, High Street, Old Portsmouth, PO1 2HA

In 2020, Gulan published a magazine about Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan, a city known for the terrible chemical weapons attack in 1988. Our objective was to celebrate Halabja’s rich history, culture and beauty. The publication featured interviews and essays about the culture of Halabja and work by artists from the region.

Gulan worked with Portsmouth’s Kurdish community on an exhibition titled ‘Halabja in the Golden Days’, on display in Portsmouth Cathedral from 14th October – 3rd November 2021 as part of Journeys Festival International. The exhibition and related events created a colourful celebration of Kurdish culture. It aimed to reinforce a sense of cultural identity among the Kurdish diaspora in Portsmouth, and increase awareness in the wider public.

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